Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Tuesday. 16th.

Thursday. 18th.

Wednesday. 17th. CFA


Wednesday. 17th. CFA
Wednesday. 17th.

The stiffness of my shoulder is gradually disappearing. Morning occupied as usual in conversation with my Mother. She seems much better than on Monday and I now hope will rapidly recover. My way of life will probably have but little of interest for some time, as I live here in a regular course of doing nothing. This rather displeases me as I can not yet bring down my mind to a life of nothingness. In the afternoon I read a portion of Burke, consisting of his Vindication of Natural Society in the manner of Bolingbroke. He succeeds tolerably well, though sometimes he almost caricatures.

Took a short walk, and was struck with the appearance of the City. Feeling now little or no interest in the place, it seems to me more like the description which travelers give of it than it ever did before. The general indolent character of the population had often struck me, but never so much as now when I am habituated to a system of life so totally different. Indeed this year has made some strange changes in my character and disposition. I feel them more since I have had occasion to adapt them to our state of society at home. As the freshness of meeting wears off, it will become more strongly perceptible. Evening at home with my Mother.