Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Saturday 27th.

Monday. 29th.

Sunday 28th. CFA


Sunday 28th. CFA
Sunday 28th.

Awoke this morning feeling quite well, but the idea of sickness has so pervaded me that I cannot get rid of the impression that I am sick. Morning with my Mother. My father came in and entered into conversation respecting houses in Boston which seemed to imply some overture to me. But I did not take it as such for it seemed to me indirect and his plan which related to Quincy’s house very absurd, if he applied it to me. This house rents for eight hundred and fifty dollars, altogether larger than I desire one.1 My Mother did not ride today. Wrote a letter to Abby.2 I feel a little put out at her writing as she does. It makes correspondence tame not to answer letters im-288mediately. Evening with my Mother. Johnson Hellen dined here and we talked politics as usual with him.


JQA contemplated buying a house owned by Mayor Quincy in the Colonnade, one of a series of nineteen houses extending along Tremont Street, from West Street to Mason Street. CFA misunderstood his purposes, however, for the President intended it for his own use after retirement (JQA to GWA, 28 Sept. 1828; LCA to GWA, 30 i.e. 29 Sept. 1828, Adams Papers; Whitehill, Boston: A Topographical History , p. 66).


CFA’s letter in the Adams Papers is erroneously dated 29 Sept.