Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Monday. 29th.

Wednesday. October 1st.

Tuesday. 30th. CFA


Tuesday. 30th. CFA
Tuesday. 30th.

Took some medicine today again in order to prevent any recurrence 289of these bilious symptoms during my stay here. The operation of it was not severe which convinces me that there was less occasion for it than I imagined. Morning passed with my Mother who seemed much better. Nothing occurred worthy of notice. My father seems at last to be making some arrangements for removal. But as yet I find nothing definite. I feel tempted to leave this place very much were it not that my Mother would suffer so much from it. Wrote a letter to Abby which took the afternoon,1 and passed the evening quietly with my Mother.


CFA’s letter in the Adams Papers is erroneously dated 1 October.