Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Sunday. 2d.

Tuesday. 4th.

Monday. 3d. CFA


Monday. 3d. CFA
Monday. 3d.

The day was extremely rainy and dark, being in some measure similar in it’s tempestuous character to the human agitation which is going on. This day closes the struggle for power which has been so long distressing the nation. It’s result is with God. I remained at home all day conversing with my Mother and the family upon indifferent subjects. My stay here is rapidly closing and with it the languor which has relaxed my mind. The future does not present much pleasure at present but I rely on the Deity. My feelings are at this moment strongly religious. They arise from the peculiarity of my situation which leads me to find consolation in hope. I never express it in public for a man’s heart should be known only to his Maker. Read a volume of the biography of George the Third.