Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Friday. November 21st.

Sunday 23rd.

313 Saturday. 22nd. CFA


Saturday. 22nd. CFA
Saturday. 22nd.

Morning at the Office. Day very dull and rainy. I was engaged a great part of the morning in writing, first, a letter to my Mother in answer to her’s, and next, a Note to Abby according to my promise to her. My spirits were barely tolerable, though they were certainly better after I had given some vent to my feelings in these letters, than they were before. I am surprised however by my father’s silence. After suffering me to leave Washington as he did, I did expect to have at least heard from him soon. But he has other cares and sorrows, and although he should have paid a little more attention to the wound he made so long ago, I will only remember it with grief and with regret. There shall be no anger mixed with it.1 Afternoon, finished Mr. Burke on the Nabob of Arcot’s debts, and continued Mr. Pitkin. Took a book to the House with me in the evening as it rained heavily. It was Percy’s Relics of Ancient English Poetry.2


See entry for 22 Aug., above. To his mother CFA wrote: “Had my father acted towards me with kindness and confidence last August, many hours of the most serious unhappiness I have ever had would have been spared me. One short half hour has done more mischief than years will remedy” (CFA to LCA, 22 Nov. 1828, Adams Papers).


CFA’s copy of Thomas Percy’s Reliques of Ancient English Poetry, 4 vols., London, 1823, is in the Stone Library.