Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Monday. 1st December.

Wednesday. 3rd.

Tuesday. 2nd. CFA


Tuesday. 2nd. CFA
Tuesday. 2nd.

Morning at the Office and in Court. Received a letter from my father in answer to the one which I wrote myself on the 20th of last month. It is rather giving me an expectation for something more than any thing in itself.1 But I passed much of the day reflecting upon it, when not engaged in the pursuit of my regular avocations. I devoted the evening to answering it, but could not satisfy myself with any thing I wrote.


Acknowledging receipt of “A Yankee Farmer’s” attack and of CFA’s reply (see entries for 18 Nov. and note, and 20 Nov. and note 18 and 20 Nov., and notes, above), JQA asked his son quietly to make a collection of newspapers and pamphlets relating to the Federalists and the Hartford Convention (JQA to CFA, 26 Nov. 1828, Adams Papers).