Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Tuesday 9th.

Thursday. 11th.

Wednesday 10th. CFA


Wednesday 10th. CFA
Wednesday 10th.

Morning at the Office and in Court. Heard a portion of an argument from Mr. Fletcher; it was very good. This gentleman is a rising character. He has some powers as an Orator, and some as a reasoner. But I could not remain in Court and so passed the morning reading Law at the Office. Richardson called to see me and pass half an hour. Afternoon, engaged in reading American Affairs. On my return home to tea, I found a Note from Abby1 who was in town, and I went to see her and pass the evening with her. The evening was tolerably pleasant. Now that the probability of my marriage seems to approach, I am becoming a little anxious and this produces some influence upon my feelings. But I am better than I have been.