Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Friday. 19th.

Sunday 21st.

Saturday 20th. CFA


Saturday 20th. CFA
Saturday 20th.

Morning at the Office. Wrote a short letter to my Mother, but as I have but little to say myself, and she has not lately written to me, my sheet was but half filled. I do not propose to write much more as I have lost my interest very much in affairs there. Made one or two visits to J. R. Otis, and T. Davis, so that I did very little. Afternoon, finished Mr. Pitkin’s history. In the evening, I attended a Moot Court to which I have been lately admitted, consisting of the young Lawyers at the Bar. Heard an argument relating to the validity of judgments of one State in the Courts of another. J. Quincy Jr. and E. J. Lowell.1 It was very well.


Edward J. Lowell, an attorney whose office was at 39 Court Street ( Boston Directory, 1829–1830).