Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Wednesday 24th.

Friday. 26th.

Thursday. 25th. CFA


Thursday. 25th. CFA
Thursday. 25th.

Morning fine. At the Office. The associations with the recurrence of 327this day have been to me most generally productive of pleasure. But for the two last there has been nothing to support them. At College, I looked to it as the certain period of reunion with my own friends, and afterwards, as the time in the year when all were disposed to pleasure and congratulation and happiness. These ideas are not congenial here, for with the customs of the Puritans they transfer to Thanksgiving, an Institution of their own, what ought to come at Christmas and New Year. My day was a dull one, being passed alone, my landlord and lady having gone out of town. But it was spent in study unremitting and brought in the evening satisfactory reflections.