Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Wednesday. April 1st.

Friday. 3rd.

Thursday. April 2nd. CFA


Thursday. April 2nd. CFA
Thursday. April 2nd.

Morning at the Office, and in Court. The Judges occupied the morn-362ing in delivering opinions upon the different cases argued, previous to their adjourning. Few cases of much importance were passed and I thought the opinions less distinct than they were the other day. The rain fell heavily, and the day was dark. In the afternoon, read Say so long that I weakened my powers of attention. I am disposed to think that the mind will not bear being forced too long, for I always find my best acquisitions are those which are made in short and severe application. Evening, did not go out, but read part of Mr. Blunt’s Annual Register.1


Joseph Blunt published the American Annual Register from 1827 to 1835 ( Appletons’ Cyclo. Amer. Biog. , 1:297).