Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Wednesday 13th.

Friday 15th.

Thursday 14th. CFA


Thursday 14th. CFA
Thursday 14th.

Returned to town with Mr. Brooks. The morning was lovely and 377the ride pleasant. At the Office, found Mr. Watson, who came up to pay a part of his debt, and agreed that an alias should be taken out for the balance. Occupied myself with law and found that I was better able to understand it. In the afternoon, I called at Hilliards to look at the amount of his bill against George and found it nearly eighty dollars since January. I regret his extravagance exceedingly because it goes to show the state of his mind. My reproach of January last was literally true although I regretted it. His debt will impose upon my father a disagreeable business. Read Clarendon, and the Spectator in the evening.