Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Sunday. 24th.

Tuesday. 26th.

381 Monday. 25th. CFA


Monday. 25th. CFA
Monday. 25th.

Returned to town with Mr. Brooks. The weather exceedingly warm and as I was embarrassed with my weight of clothing, I felt very uncomfortable. Morning at the Office. Received a letter from my mother which was short and contained little or no information, upon the subject which I am anxious to hear about.1 The fact seems to be that they are as yet in statu quo. Tried to read a little Law, but was so busy moving and my mind so little capable of attention that I soon gave it up. This must not be. But I am anxiously waiting to hear from home as to what I must do, which will materially influence any occupation I might adopt. Patience. Dined solitary and alone. Read Clarendon in the afternoon although my Office was rather oppressive. I suspect it is rather warm in the summer season. Read the account of the battle of Naseby and the conduct of Charles. Very interesting. Evening, a few Numbers of the Spectator.


“I would write you of our plans,” LCA told her son, “but all is uncertainty and still there is no time fixed for our departure” (LCA to CFA, 19 May 1829, Adams Papers).