Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Sunday 14th.

Tuesday. 16th.

Monday. 15th. CFA


Monday. 15th. CFA
Monday. 15th.

Returned to town early this morning and not in very good humour, for Abby was not pleasant as usual though I hardly knew what was to be objected to her. Found a letter from my Mother1 hardly in better humour and positively stating that she should not come on. This was rather trying to me, but this is a season of suffering. I went into Court this morning and heard an argument upon the subject of the Warren Bridge.2 It was interesting because it was short. Afternoon, rather desultory reading, being some Numbers of the Society for the diffusion of knowledge, and a Volume of Scott’s Lives of the Novelists, Richardson and Fielding.3 Evening, received a Newspaper from Baltimore announcing my father’s actual passage through Baltimore on Thursday last. A pleasant though lonely walk.




See entry for 5 Aug. 1828, and note, above.


Sir Walter Scott, Lives of the Novelists, 2 vols., Paris, 1825.