Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Friday 19th.

Sunday. 21st.

Saturday 20th. CFA


Saturday 20th. CFA
Saturday 20th.

Morning at the Office a short time, and engaged for the remainder in making purchases at the different places in town. This occupied me much. My purchases were very generally rather of ordinary Articles, but fit for upper rooms in the old house. They match well with that ancient place. I obtained the Chests which my father had deposited some time since in the Bank.1 But I was some time delayed. After much labour and exertion I finished all my duties and felt glad to be relieved from the labour. After passing an hour of the afternoon in arranging my brother’s papers a little, I rode to Medford to see Abby whom I had not seen before for a week. We passed the afternoon and evening much as usual. When one is pleased there is little to say about it. Made a short call at Mrs. Frothingham’s new house.2


The five chests contained books (JQA, Diary, 20 June 1829).


At 43 Summer Street ( Boston Directory, 1831–1832).