Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Wednesday. July 1st.

Friday 3rd.

Thursday. 2nd. CFA


Thursday. 2nd. CFA
Thursday. 2nd.

Morning to town weather cool but clear. Received a Note from Abby with a long dissertation upon my present which she wants to refuse, a thing I cannot possibly hear of. I answered it forthwith.1 Then to Dr. Welsh’s to obtain some of my Grandfather’s papers which George had. Stopped at Concert Hall to overlook the packing of some things which are purchased for the House at Quincy. My time was thus almost entirely taken up during the morning, and the afternoon was spent in finishing the list of my brother’s Law Books which was done. I then rode to Quincy. Found there Mr. Degrand, who passed the evening.


Both Abigail’s note and CFA’s reply are missing.