Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Monday 13th.

Wednesday 15th.

Tuesday. 14th. CFA


Tuesday. 14th. CFA
Tuesday. 14th.

Morning to town. Attended Court all the morning. The new Docket was called but I was late for the only case in which I was concerned. This was not a matter of much importance as it happened to be defaulted. But it made me remain in Court nearly all the morning, which need not have been. The remainder of the day was passed in arranging the papers relating to the Agency, drawing up powers to obtain Dividends upon Stock and writing dunning letters to the Tenants. Thus it became time for me to return to Quincy. I have not felt quite so well for two days, owing to an indulgence in fruit: my health is delicate but very good. My doctrine now is that of the Ancient philosopher μηδεν αγαν.1 Evening, a long conversation with my father. Family pride, a strong instance in himself, much exceeding even what I suspected. I feel at times depressed by it, for now the dependance upon me is perfectly prominent. And beyond me, there is little hope, though in my father, that little centers in the person of his Nephew, John Quincy.2


Nothing too much.


JQA later promised to put his nephew through Exeter to prepare him for Harvard (Bemis, JQA , 2:186).