Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 2

Thursday. 30th.

Saturday. August. 1st.

Friday. 31st. CFA


Friday. 31st. CFA
Friday. 31st.

Morning to town in a shower of rain, the weather being exceedingly changeable. It cleared up warm for the rest of the day. Morning passed at the Office in finishing my Account for the month for my father, and in destroying the papers accumulated by my brother. He had always the inclination to preserve and this has placed upon me much trouble for I feel unwilling to commit them without ceremony to the flames. Much of my time is in this way consumed. Afternoon at Dr. Welsh’s where I completed the division between the books I retain and those I intend to try to sell. But I was so fully occupied that I went to Quincy late. Found there, Mr. J. H. Foster Jr., his wife and sister1 who went directly however. Miss Elizabeth and her brother Thomas Adams with Mr. Marston and his son Ward were all at the House in the evening. My father appeared much overcome by the heat. Conversation with him, the advantages and disadvantages of land. He holds to the first, and there we disagree. This led us to a comparison of life in City and Country where we agreed as little. But how natural this is. He is now beyond ambition. I am just arriving at it. Life is therefore seen by us in different phases. It grew cooler in the night.


Foster’s sister was named Louisa (JQA, Diary, 31 July 1829).