Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Wednesday. 2d.

Friday. 4th.

Thursday. 3d. CFA


Thursday. 3d. CFA
Thursday. 3d.

Morning mild and cloudy but it did not rain. I found myself oppressed with a severe cold which the change has given me. Went to the Office as usual and was occupied partly in the common matters, partly in reading the Institutes of Justinian, which give me now and then a little light upon the passages of Cicero read heretofore. But my attention was not perfect, as I had in the first place received a letter from my father which kept me thinking,1 and in the second received another summons to attend the referees in the case of Farmer and Storer.

I took a walk and returned to dinner after which I went to Concert Hall where the Reference was sitting.2 The case took a different turn from what was anticipated so that the larger portion of the witnesses were not examined. But the whole melancholy story came out by way of statement from the Counsel. It was bad enough in all conscience. I ought however to be thankful that the evidence to prove all this was not gone into.

Evening at home, excessively fatigued. I could not read dry Grammar with any attention. H. Brooks staid here from the Theatre. Finished the Tatler.


28 Feb. (Adams Papers). On the letter, see above, vol. 3:411.


Concert Hall was located at the corner of Hanover and Court streets (C. H. Snow, A Geography of Boston ... and the Adjacent Towns, Boston, 1830, p. 52).