Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Friday. 4th.

Sunday. 6th.

Saturday. 5th. CFA


Saturday. 5th. CFA
Saturday. 5th.

Morning mild. Went to the Office as usual. Engaged during much of the time in reading the Institutes of Justinian which I admire exceedingly. They strike me very favourably especially as the compilation of an arbitrary prince. Nothing of particular importance took place during the period. I went down to a sale of Stocks and visited Mr. Brooks. Took a long walk returning with Quincy.

Afternoon short as Mr. Angier dined here and Miss Adams remains some days longer. I finished the Oration for Caecina and began a review of it. The substance is difficult and it turns upon the meaning of words. But the ability it displays is not less than usual. Mr. Angier came in the evening again and sat here. He is on the whole a pretty 4stupid man. I do not find any thing to seize upon in order to draw him out. After he went, I read Greek Grammar and finished the Tatler.