Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Sunday. 6th.

Tuesday. 8th.

Monday. 7th. CFA


Monday. 7th. CFA
Monday. 7th.

Morning mild and pleasant. I went to the Office as usual and was busy in reading and finishing the Institutes of Justinian which have on the whole paid me pretty well for my study of them. But one interruption of any consequence, that of my Tenant Mr. Gulliver boring me for further repairs. I was rather provoked and we had a pretty smart dialogue. This repairing consumes nearly all the funds, and in these times when income fails so frequently this is something of an object. Indeed of all kinds of Estate which I know, real Estate is the most provoking. I wish I had nothing at all to do with it.

Went to the Athenaeum but did not succeed in getting any new book. After dinner, Attended the Meeting of the Directors of the Boylston Market Association, for the transaction of business. After disposing of the various subjects I took a long walk to Roxbury1 and could not help reflecting still more in the course of it, upon this subject of property. The discussion of the Dividend of this Company is another evidence of my assertions.

Returned home fatigued, and in the evening finished Mr. Drake’s book. After which I looked over Dr. Valpy’s Greek Grammar2 and read the usual Numbers of the Spectator.


Roxbury would have been reached by continuing southward from the Boylston Market on Washington Street, which after entering Roxbury became its main artery. The area is included in the “map of Boston and the adjacent towns” which is reproduced in vol. 3.


Richard Valpy, The Elements of Greek Grammar ..., first issued at London in 1805, was published in several editions in England and the United States before 1831.