Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Saturday. 12th.

Monday. 14th.

Sunday. 13th. CFA


Sunday. 13th. CFA
Sunday. 13th.

A lovely Morning. My Wife went out with me to Meeting this morning and we heard Mr. Walker preach the usual Arguments in favour of Theological discussions. I was not convinced by them. That subject is not one for the rough Jarring of inflamed Passions. If there is any on the face of the Earth where humility and meekness are enjoined as a matter of daily practice it is this. Controversy carried to any height is therefore subversive of two of the clearest precepts of the whole System of pure Religion. In the afternoon I went alone and heard a Sermon upon the nature of regenerations. The character of this gentleman’s mind is controversial.

Took a walk. It rained during the latter part of the day and I was caught in it. Wrote letters to my Father and to John,1 which occupied some time. Evening, quiet at home. I continued reading Mr. Buffon’s Proofs of an Air built Fabric and after it, the Spectator.


The letter to JQA (LbC, Adams Papers) was in answer to his letters of 26, 28 Feb. and 6 March; that to JA2 (Adams Papers) acknowledged with thanks the receipt of the pamphlet containing the documents in the Calhoun affair and of the gift of flour and hams.