Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Thursday. 31st.

Saturday. 2d.

April. 1831. Friday. 1st. CFA


April. 1831. Friday. 1st. CFA
April. 1831. Friday. 1st.

Morning clear but with a high Wind. I read Kotzebue a short time, but began today my review of the Orations on the Crown. I hope this will be of some service to me for certainly I devote time enough to it. By it I hope to keep up my knowledge of Greek. As it is now probable that I shall have the Summer entirely to myself in town, I think I shall have a fine opportunity to pursue my studies upon a more extensive scale than ever. I have almost innumerable plans. Besides my pursuit of Latin and Greek, and the reading at my Office, I have become interested in the knowledge of facts relating to the examination of a North West Passage, and I have not abandoned the project of recovering German. This may seem a little too much at once but I know no rule more decisive for a man’s conduct in life than not to be discouraged by small things.

Took a walk with my Wife and made some purchases for the Quincy House. At the Office, Engaged in Accounts. Quarter day and I drew up my bills as usual and balanced my Cash Books. Then a walk for exercise, having finished the Republic of Plato and the Utopia of T. More.1 They are the schemes of visionaries. After dinner, I finished the Oration for Muraena. A laboured and a great effort. The explanation of legal quibbles and the doctrine of the Stoics is ably and curiously managed. Evening, Parry. Finished the third Volume of Kotzebue and read the Spectator.


In Bibliothèque de l’homme public, vol. 4, with CFA’s comments.