Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Monday. 4th.

Wednesday. 6th.

Tuesday. 5th. CFA


Tuesday. 5th. CFA
Tuesday. 5th.

Morning dark and cloudy with very heavy rain which continued until noon when it cleared up. I continued my review of Aeschines for one hour after which I went down to the Office. Little or nothing material took place, and I pursued my studies with considerable alacrity. Read this morning a portion of An Analysis of Montesquieu’s great Work upon the Spirit of the Laws.1 I have read this pretty thoroughly in extenso, but have no objection to refresh my memory with a short review of the same. Mr. Champney my former Client called and I discussed with him the propriety of his paying me my Fees, he left me as People usually do making fair promises.

Returned home and in the Afternoon sat down to the Oration for Flaccus which I finished and began that for Sylla. The first of these is in some parts dry, in others very imperfect and therefore difficult to trace the meaning, but on the whole it is worth attention as a defence against a mass of witnesses testifying very strongly to a given point. 23Evening, Parry, after which I read Hearne and my usual Numbers in the Spectator.


In Bibliothèque de l’homme public, vol. 5, with CFA’s marginalia.