Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Saturday. 9th.

Monday. 11th.

Sunday. 10th. CFA


Sunday. 10th. CFA
Sunday. 10th.

Morning clear but cold and still windy though not so much as yesterday. I continued reading the Account of Franklin’s Journey which is much more agreeable than Mr. Hearne’s book. He proceeded much in the same track, but having more authority and stronger influence to aid him, he was not subjected to similar inconveniencies.

Attended divine Service and heard Dr. Lowell preach in the morning upon the prevailing rage for public Prayer and zealous Religion. He condemns it, perhaps justly but I have had my doubts whether for the less instructed classes it is not beneficial. I do not approve of it myself from any belief in extraordinary influences claimed for it, but 26I do not disapprove of it while it may be supposed to keep men out of mischief. Afternoon, Mr. Newell of Cambridge, a Common place Sermon upon the abuse of Riches, and their general ill effect.

Returned home, and wrote a letter to my Father, with one to T. B. Adams Jr. inclosing an Account of his Affairs for the last six Months.1 I was obliged to consume a part of the Evening before I could complete the copying and therefore did not read Parry. Continued Franklin and was unwilling to leave off, to read my usual Numbers of the Spectator.


LbC’s of both are in Adams Papers.