Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Monday. 11th.

Wednesday. 13th.

Tuesday. 12th. CFA


Tuesday. 12th. CFA
Tuesday. 12th.

We were exceedingly surprised this morning upon awaking to find the ground covered with snow, and a pretty thick drifting storm. After having had so much mild and agreeable weather, this was a very disagreeable return of Winter. The sky cleared however at Noon and the melting process began quickly.


I went to the Office. Not interrupted materially so that in the course of the morning, I accomplished all the principal Articles in the North American Review, which appears to me but a poor number. None of the vigour of good writing. Not much else accomplished. As the snow was still partially to be seen, I concluded it would not be worthwhile to go to Quincy today as I should be unable to accomplish any thing for which I should go.

Remained in my study and pursued the study of the Oratio pro domo sua, which I concluded, but as I propose to review it with more care I shall postpone remark upon it. Pursued Parry in the evening and finished the Account of the third Voyage. He certainly has earned the reputation of a bold and indefatigable Navigator. Read afterward, a part of Captn. Ross’s Voyage in 18191 and the usual Numbers, finishing the first Volume of the Spectator.


Sir John Ross, A Voyage of Discovery ... for the Purpose of Exploring Baffin’s Bay, and Enquiring into the Possibility of a North-West Passage, London, 1819.