Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Sunday. 17th.

Tuesday. 19th.

Monday. 18th. CFA


Monday. 18th. CFA
Monday. 18th.

Morning clear and pleasant weather. After an hour devoted to Aeschines, I went to the Office. My quiet pursuits interrupted somewhat this morning by business, for Mr. Conant, the Tenant of the Weston Farm came in and proceeded to settlement for the Wood sold last November as also for the Rent of said Farm for the past Year. This was very far from unwelcome as I had paid out so much for my father as not to leave sufficient to pay me my regular compensation, 31due the first of the Month. The counting, assorting, changing, and depositing the Money, with the Receipts and charges took up so much time that I had no opportunity to resume my reading. Walked to the Athenaeum and obtained a book. I find this place more attractive and my Office less so every day. But I must not neglect what I receive a consideration for.

Afternoon finished the Oration pro domo sua. Cicero thought this one of his best. It certainly has great power but it does not please me so much as many others. I like the earlier Orations best. There is not so much egotism which will be disgusting let apologists say what they may. The invective is powerful however, and Clodius if he had any feeling must have quivered under it.

Evening, began Dr. Walsh’s Journey from Constantinople1 aloud to my Wife. After which Mackenzie’s Journey to the Pacific, and the Spectator.


Robert Walsh, Narrative of a Journey from Constantinople to England, London [and Phila.], 1828.