Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Friday. 22d.

Sunday. 24th.

Saturday. 23d. CFA


Saturday. 23d. CFA
Saturday. 23d.

Morning cloudy with a disagreeable cold Easterly Wind and appearance of Rain, but it cleared away leaving nothing but the chill in the Air. Finished my Review of the Oration of Aeschines on the Crown and found it pretty much the same in my Opinion, perhaps not quite 34so good. There is more diffuseness, perhaps tautology in it than I had thought, but this may be owing to my not sufficiently comprehending the force of words, in the original language.

Went to the Office where I was busy in reading but not to much purpose. My power of attention is almost gone, in the morning at least. Had a conversation with Mr. Peabody and took a short walk. Mr. T. Davis also paid me a long and pleasant visit.

In the afternoon, I thought I would go out to Quincy and see how things looked before my father came on. My Servant went with me to set some Fir Trees I had purchased. On the whole, I was pretty well pleased and thought that my few directions had done a good deal to make the place look on the whole better than it had done for years. Remained busy until late, and returned home calling at the Judge’s on the way to inquire for Miss Adams whom I found better. A Short Evening at home, and the Spectator.