Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Sunday. 24th.

Tuesday. 26th.

Monday. 25th. CFA


Monday. 25th. CFA
Monday. 25th.

Morning cloudy but it cleared away. This is the case now every day. A cold East Wind rises and prevails during the course of the Sun over us. After beginning Demosthenes upon the Crown I went to the Office but the News from Washington prevented my sitting down to any thing. I had quite a conversation about it with Mr. Peabody and the rest of my time excepting what was necessarily spent in my regular avocations, was wasted. This is too bad, for all the Administrations that ever were made can have no interest to me compared to my time. Took a walk and returned home.

After dinner, continued and finished the Oration for Plancius but determined to give it a faithful Review. It strikes me as one of his best. His observations upon Popular humor are excellent and for every age. These are the only ones worth writing. What is the fame based upon trifles of the day? It is not worth the labour it requires to obtain it.

Evening at home with my Wife, read to her a part of Moore’s Life of Byron. Interesting but very immoral. I was struck with Moore’s own immoral tone. Afterwards, I began Captain Franklin’s Second Journey to the Polar Sea.1 And the Spectator as usual.


Sir John Franklin, Narrative of a Second Expedition to the Shores of the Polar Sea ... 1825–1827.... Including an Account of the Progress of a Detachment to the Eastward, by J. Richardson [and with an appendix by Richardson], London [also Phila.], 1828.