Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Thursday. 5th.

Saturday. 7th.

Friday. 6th. CFA


Friday. 6th. CFA
Friday. 6th.

Morning clear and cold. The report from the Country was that there was a severe frost but of course we saw nothing of it. After reading my usual portion of Demosthenes, I went down to perform the rest of my Commissions. Called upon Mr. Bowditch at the Life Insurance Office to converse upon the subject of Abby Adams’ Money.1 I obtained from him the necessary information and then went to the Office. Employed there in writing Cimon No. 2 which I made satisfactory progress in. I hope I shall do something with this. But writing in Newspapers is pretty unsatisfactory work. Mr. Conant, from Weston came in and paid me a small additional sum for the Wood sold there. Nothing else material took place.

Walked home by the way of one of the Tenants who plagues me in Tremont Street. Found my Mother spending the day with Abby and was glad to see her. I sat the afternoon with her, she returning home at six. Evening at home not very profitably employed in Grimm. This book disappoints my expectations. I have nearly wasted a week. Finished with the Spectator.


See below, entry for 12 May, note.