Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Wednesday. 18th.

Friday. 20th.

Thursday. 19th. CFA


Thursday. 19th. CFA
Thursday. 19th.

A very heavy fog was hanging over us when I arose this morning but as I fancied it would not remain at all, I went to Boston notwithstanding. The rain followed it however upon my arrival and poured heavily all the time I remained. I sat in my Office, transacted a little business and read a part of another Analysis in the French work. Condorcet was one of the movers of the Revolution, and suffered for his abandonment of practical views to theoretical perfection. His labours are not without value for they have much that was useful amidst much that is extravagant. Our age has derived little or nothing from his, for the principles then opened are now established.

Returned to Quincy in the Afternoon, and read the balance of the Oration de Provinciis Consularibus. This discloses one of the most questionable portions of Cicero’s policy. He continued to Caesar the power that eventually became great enough to overturn the republic. If by a bold and decisive stroke it could have by any possibility been broken, he was wrong, but if it had already become too strong for the Senate, he has some justification. The rain continued. Evening quiet at home. Conversation and two Spectators.