Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Saturday. 11th.

Monday. 13th.

Sunday. 12th. CFA


Sunday. 12th. CFA
Sunday. 12th.

Although the wind was high, the power of the Sun this morning was very great. I attended divine service as usual, and heard Mr. Parkman of Boston preach from the second Commandment. I was much pleased with his Sermon and thought it better than any thing I had before heard of his. He dined with us and was quite pleasant. His afternoon Sermon was upon preparation1 and I did not think so much of it. With such weather as this, sitting in Church is irksome.

I amused myself the rest of the day reading Grimm and Rousseau. The first seems to me to be remarkable for two qualities. Considerable critical judgment in literature, and fine taste in the arts. But his mind is constantly biassed by the tone of philosophy which he wants to support, against religion and its supporters. Upon the character of Diderot’s writings he is no authority. The world has long ago pronounced its decision and it is not Baron de Grimm’s. Of Rousseau I have spoken so much already as to need no repetition. Evening quietly at home. After the ladies retired I continued Grimm and the Spectator.


Doubtless in an ecclesiastical sense: the actions of an individual that should precede and anticipate his participation in Communion.