Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Thursday. 30th.

Saturday. 2d.

Friday. July 1st. CFA


Friday. July 1st. CFA
Friday. July 1st.

Here we are in the month of July. A considerable portion of the Summer gone and I have done nothing worthy to be recorded. The days are passing over me without my heeding, and not a mark in their course to look back upon with pleasure or exultation.

The Clouds were low and threatened rain. I went to town notwithstanding as it was Quarter day. At the Office, Mr. Conant from Weston came here and gave me Edward Derby’s Note which I got cashed by Mr. Fiske almost immediately.1 I paid several demands, and copied my Account for my Father. Some Commissions were also to be performed for the family at Quincy so that on the whole I had no spare time. Returned to Quincy.

After dinner my Uncle the Judge came in to do business with me. He seemed depressed and sick. One of his Actions was unaccountable. After explaining to me the nature of a transfer of two shares of Atlas Stock to his Son Thomas, all of which I knew before, just as he was going away, he put into my hand a seal and a gold medal with a request that I would take care of them, while I was here, for he did not 81know what might happen to him. After reflecting upon matters, I conclude that he means to intimate his fears of an attachment of his Property.

The Afternoon was wasted. I filed very few Papers. My Mother and Wife being invited to take tea at Mrs. Adams’ to see her daughter Mrs. Angier, I walked up also, and spent a stupid evening. Mr. Marston and Miss Smith there besides the family.2 My father appeared extremely depressed also.3 Evening, Grimm and the Spectator.


See above, entry for 2 June.


The names of Louisa C. Smith and John Marston are coupled in this way on other occasions; the significance is not clear. She never married; he was the father of a family.


Dissatisfaction with his forthcoming 4th of July oration, a facial swelling which threatened to make his appearance on that occasion impossible, and a discontent with his current inactivity were the immediate causes of JQA’s depressed spirits (JQA, Diary, 1 July and the “day” entry at the end of his entries for June).