Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Saturday. 2d.

Monday 4th.

Sunday. 3d. CFA


Sunday. 3d. CFA
Sunday. 3d.

The Weather is becoming as warm again as it was a fortnight ago. I attended divine service all day and heard Mr. Whitney preach two Sermons neither of which made me particularly attentive. This I con-82sider such a misfortune that on my return to Boston I propose to correct it, and the only way I can think will be to carry a Bible with me, and consult the passage cited comparing it with the Commentary.

I read a few of my Grandfathers Papers and the play of the Siege of Calais by de Belloi,1 in consequence of Grimm’s criticism. I find it in some respects just but very harsh—The play having more merit in it than I expected, and many of the lines being particularly striking. But such are the merits of Critics. Afternoon I took a Bath with my father, and found it extremely refreshing. Mr. and Mrs. Angier called. She is silly from affectation. Quiet evening. The Cunningham Correspondence and the Spectator.


P. L. B. de Belloy, Le siège de Calais, Paris, 1765; a tragedy.