Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Wednesday. 13th.

Friday. 15th.

Thursday. 14th. CFA


Thursday. 14th. CFA
Thursday. 14th.

The morning opened heavily, and it soon began to rain, which lasted all day. I remained at home very quietly and passed the greater part of my before dinner hours in a continuation of my yesterday’s occupation. In returning home, I wish to enrich my library in Boston with as many of the Works of which there are duplicates here, as I am able. They are convenient for reference and occasional reading when I know not what to do with myself. There are hours when a man requires a power of extensive selection, when he is tired with steady reading and looks for his pleasure to short and easy Essays or broken pieces of literature. O, the desire of knowledge, the power of enriching the mind with all that others in times gone by have thought, what a fund of rich enjoyment they present to Man. What a source of innocent and profitable delight. Afternoon, read Phedre of Racine, Act 1st and admired it, though to be sure a double Love plot seems foolish. Read Grimm finishing the 5th. volume, and the Spectator.