Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Friday. 15th.

Sunday. 17th.

Saturday. 16th. CFA


Saturday. 16th. CFA
Saturday. 16th.

Went to Boston as usual this morning, excepting that I was accompanied by I. Hull. The weather was pleasant but cloudy, which afterwards came in very refreshing showers. My morning was occupied much in my common way. Giving orders for Furniture, and afterwards in reading Mr. W. F. Otis’s Address which I have some idea of criticizing. I wrote a little in the way of commencement. Mr. Dunlap called upon me about the Office downstairs, and finally decided to take it at a Rent rather higher than Mr. Welsh had it for the last Quarter.1 The truth is, it is worth more. Miss Oliver called to pay her Rent for the last Quarter. She was detained in a shower and detained me. I returned however with Hull shortly after one, and after taking one or two heavy rains without inconvenience, we arrived. Found Dr. Waterhouse here spending the day. He looks to me older, more infirm and more dull than I have seen him. He had not so much sprightliness as common.2 I spent the afternoon doing little or nothing. This waste of time galls me. Evening at home, read Grimm and the Spectator.


Lower was apparently intended. In the Agency’s books the rental of the office for the two quarters following Welsh’s death was $22.50 each quarter, replacing the $31.25 quarterly rental that Welsh had long paid (M/CFA/3).


Dr. Benjamin Waterhouse (1754–1846) is identified at vol. 2:165. The subjects of the conversation of the two old friends included Dr. Waterhouse’s book on the identity of Junius; a biography of Gilbert Stuart and a descriptive book on Rhode Island, both of which he intended to write; and JQA’s proposal, strongly advanced, that Waterhouse write a book on the controversy relating to his professorship at Harvard College (JQA, Diary, 16 July).