Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Monday. 25th.

Wednesday. 27th.

Tuesday. 26th. CFA


Tuesday. 26th. CFA
Tuesday. 26th.

Morning dark and rainy. I have rarely seen Water fall much faster. My man servant asked leave to go away for some days, much to my surprise and the dis-organization of my family. He has acted singularly since my return. In this Country, one of our greatest troubles is the 99difficulty about domestics.1 The Country is too independent to make them very subservient. I have had infinite difficulty with them since my marriage. After reading Aristotle, I went to the Office, and passed a very quiet morning, reading the Defence. There is more merit in it than it has gained credit for. The insight into human nature is very great, and the political views are to me perfectly clear.

Returned home and passed the Afternoon in reading the Epistles to Caelius and various others. The arrangement of these Letters is very poor, and the Chronology is consequently difficult to be preserved. They are written however with great nature and have the merit of showing the behind the Scenes.2 To be sure Cicero does not show much for the better in his public course by it, but he is only one. The weakness of human nature is the general rule by which he like others must be leniently tried. Evening at home. Mr. and Mrs. E. Everett spent the Evening with us. They seemed both rather dull. I read Aristotle and after it, the Spectator.


ABA and CFA “returned to Housekeeping under inauspicious circumstances as it regards their Servants. Benjamin is married to Elizabeth who is dismissed and he remains with them with an old woman from the Country. Bridget turn’d out a Sot and we had the credit of having spoilt them” (LCA to Mrs. JA2, 20 July, Adams Papers).


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