Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Wednesday. 27th.

Friday. 29th.

Thursday 28th. CFA


Thursday 28th. CFA
Thursday 28th.

Morning very close and sultry, the sun coming out, but being soon after enveloped in clouds, we found a little relief from rain. After reading a portion of Aristotle over again, having finished the first examination of it, I went to my Office and sat down very quietly to the reading of the Defence. I must say that of all the books upon Government that I have read, none accords with my fancy so much as this. It has fewer fancies and proceeds only upon the footing of experience. The Comments upon the Government of Lacaedemon are very much the same with mine made in the margin of Mably’s book.1 They are true, and show that it is merely by looking at things in a plain practical light one may succeed at arriving at wise conclusions.

I returned home early feeling fearful of being without my Umbrella. Afternoon, concluded the third book and began the fourth of Cicero’s Epistles. Read the Letters to Servius Sulpicius, and the famous one of the latter, condoling with Cicero for the loss of his daughter. It is certainly very beautifully done. This man seems to have been a very honorable character. I do not think Cicero rises in one’s estimation quite so much. Short evening. Took a little walk with my Wife, and read Pye and the Spectator.


See above, entry for 3 June. CFA’s marginal comment is reproduced in this volume; see p. xvi.