Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Tuesday. 2d.

Thursday. 4th.

Wednesday. 3d. CFA


Wednesday. 3d. CFA
Wednesday. 3d.

Morning dark, with very heavy rain, but it cleared away before 104night. After reading Aristotle, I went to the Office. Mr. Tenney called to pay me his rent. I went afterwards to do some little Commissions. Found at the Post Office a Packet for me containing the long threatened publication about my poor brother.1 It is bad enough to be sure, but I felt on the whole as if it was better out than kept as it has been two years hanging over us. Farmer has not spared falsehood, to increase the effect of his tale.

I walked down to the Athenaeum and from thence to obtain some Wood for my family. The walk drenched me so that I went directly home and changed my dress. This made it too late to return to the Office.

Afternoon, engaged in reading the Letters of Cicero. Perhaps there is a little too much sameness in his expressions of kindness and offer of service. But his advice to Trebatius is excellent. It is this kind of encouragement that great men have it in their power to do good by. For their opinion gives force to truth. My Mother and Wife went to Cambridge to see Mr. and Mrs. E. Brooks, and did not return until late. I finished Mr. Pye’s Commentary, and read two numbers of the Spectator.


Report of a Trial: Miles Farmer versus Dr. David Humphreys Storer, ... Relative to the Transactions between Miss Eliza Dolph and George Washington Adams, Esq., Son of the Late President of the United States. Reported by the Plaintiff, Boston, 1831.