Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Monday 15th.

Wednesday. 17th.

Tuesday. 16th. CFA


Tuesday. 16th. CFA
Tuesday. 16th.

Morning cloudy with an Easterly Wind, but it afterwards cleared away. My Wife seemed pretty well but there was a difficulty about nursing. The Child is hardly strong enough to draw milk enough for its own nourishment, or it’s mother’s relief.1 This is a matter for anxiety. I was obliged to do all the work in the absence of any assistance so that it kept me walking a large part of the morning.

At the Office, engaged in writing my Journal and also in copying the tenth Bible letter which I finished but did no more. Several interruptions this morning. Mr. Curtis, a man to pay rent, and my father. The latter came in for the purpose of satisfying his anxiety.2 He dined at my House and in the afternoon I went down with him to try the Church in which he is to deliver the Eulogy upon Mr. Monroe. It was exceedingly hot in the place which was the Old South, and in the position in the extreme corner of the upper end of the Church, it almost suffocated me. My father felt himself much exhausted in delivering only what he designed as the Exordium of the Address. He must abridge.

Returned home and had an hour’s very pleasant conversation with him upon historical subjects, and he left us to return home. My Evening was a little distracted, by conversation, by sitting with my Wife and by a visit of congratulation from Mr. Everett. I read a part however of DuBos reflections upon Poetry and Painting.3 Executed part of my Pamphlet Catalogue and read the Spectator as usual.


“She is under the necessity of resorting to a puppy for comfort which I trust will relieve her” (LCA to Mrs. JA2, 17 Aug., Adams Papers).


JQA’s anxiety was aroused apparently by a letter from CFA (JQA, Diary, 16 Aug.); the letter is missing.


Jean Baptiste Dubos, Réflexions critiques, sur la poësie et sur la peinture. JQA’s signature and bookplate are in the edition at MQA, 3 vols., Paris, 1719–1740.