Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Thursday. 15th.

Saturday. 17th.

Friday. 16th. CFA


Friday. 16th. CFA
Friday. 16th.

Morning cold with the Wind setting from the Eastward and every prospect of a long storm. This is rather a gloomy beginning. My night’s rest was considerably disturbed by the child, the care of which now falls upon her Mother entirely. I arose early and began my way of life by spending my time morning and afternoon in the following order, this being what I propose to establish during my residence out here. First, my Diary, then, as I cannot find here the Oration upon the Embassy, the first Philippic in an Edition by one Richard Mounteney, which has been interlined by my father,1 and which shows his labour though not his scholarship. At least he makes several errors. Then the Papers of the Federalist connected with the History of the Confederation and Constitution. This makes the morning.

Afternoon, the Letters to Atticus. This, with the usual small Tasks such as the Essay of Bacon and the Spectator, will make the amount of my labour.

Evening, I sat a little while with Madame and then walked with 138my Father to my Uncle’s, the Judge’s. Found him rather better I thought than when I went away. He talked more and with rather more spirit. I returned to him the trifles he put into my hands and was very glad to be relieved of the responsibility attending them.2 We returned home and I after reading a little of Mrs. Royall’s last,3 retired rather early.


Demosthenes, Selectae orationes, Cambridge, England, 1731, in Greek and Latin. The present whereabouts of JQA’s interlined copy is not known. However, there is a copy of a London, 1771, edition among JA’s books in the Boston Public Library ( Catalogue of JA’s Library , p. 72).


See above, entry for 1 July.


The most recently published of Mrs. Anne Royall’s travel books was Mrs. Royall’s Southern Tour, or Second Series of the Black Book, Washington, 1831, “in three or more vols.”; at MQA is vol. 2 only. On Mrs. Royall see also vols. 1:xxix, 2:150, above.