Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Sunday. 18th.

Tuesday. 20th.

Monday. 19th. CFA


Monday. 19th. CFA
Monday. 19th.

The day was a very fine one. I arose later than usual from having disturbed rest on account of the Baby. I have tried her three nights and have slept but about half as much as I commonly do. Isaac Hull went to Boston with his brother Thomas. I therefore1 did not continue with Demosthenes. My father stopped me with a few moments Conversation. He entertains the intention of purchasing the Patriot Newspaper as a Speculation, in case of his not being nominated for any situation which should make it improper, and he suggested to me the idea of becoming it’s editor, to be assisted by him as a Contributor.2 This is a matter for consideration. Some circumstances might make the situation quite desirable to me while the care, responsibility and hazard would rather alter my present smooth way of living. I told him that I would consider of it. Read a little of the Federalist, but my attention was shaken by thinking upon this subject. I copied a letter for my Father which took up a good deal of time.3

Afternoon, walked with him to the Orchard at Mount Wollaston, and examined the condition of the Trees. Found them pretty well, but overgrown with suckers about the root, which I felt obliged to Clip. So that my afternoon’s work was somewhat laborious. We got home by Sunset, and I read Bacon’s Essay, of suspicion.

Evening, from my walk, and my sleeping so little of late, I was very drowsy. Read the Spectator and retired early.


Because CFA had to assume for the morning Hull’s duties as JQA’s amanuensis.


The possibility of acquiring the Boston Patriot arose, it would seem, from the ill health of John Brazer Davis, the 141paper’s publisher and editor. CFA continued for some time to weigh the question (see the next entry below, and that for 12 Nov., note). JQA rejected the idea finally as “too hazardous. I have no doubt you may employ yourself usefully to yourself and to your own interest in writing occasionally for the public Journals, but it would be a desperate case to connect yourself in pecuniary interest with any one of them” (JQA to CFA, 22 Nov., Adams Papers). However, CFA continued to advert to the possibility (below, entry for 31 Jan. 1832).


The letter from JQA to A. H. Everett, 18 Sept., in JQA’s letterbook is in CFA’s hand; on the letter, see entry for 23 Sept., below.