Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Friday. 23d.

Sunday. 25th.

Saturday 24th. CFA


Saturday 24th. CFA
Saturday 24th.

Lovely day after the Rain. Amused myself in writing my Diary, then in reading a part of the third Olynthiac. This I find is commonly put as the first of these three. It is much in the style of the rest. The same clearness, the same force. They are all worthy of attentive study, and while here I believe I shall confine myself to them. They comprise the whole book of Mounteney which I am now studying. Read some Numbers of the Federalist upon the Constitution of the House of Representatives. T. B. Adams Jr. called in and consulted me about the form requisite to make a Will. I gave him the best advice I could.

After dinner, read the tenth book of the Letters to Atticus to which I may apply much the same remarks I made yesterday. My way of life here is almost too quiet for my benefit if not for my taste. When I get into the common bustle of the City, it bewilders me. Yet if I had my way, I would not do any thing else. The din of arms or of Carts is not to my taste. Read Bacon’s Essay on Ambition, which has much politic truth, but little moral truth.

Evening with the Ladies. Afterwards I finished the Affairs of 1830 and the usual numbers of the Spectator.