Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Monday. 17th.

Wednesday. 19th.

Tuesday. 18th. CFA


Tuesday. 18th. CFA
Tuesday. 18th.

I begin to feel a little more settled now, and fall gradually into the routine of duty which I had formerly. The day was very fine and uncommonly warm for the Season. I went to the Office after spending an hour in reviewing the first Olynthiac of Demosthenes in the Edition of Reiske. This is the third in that of Mounteney. I find my reading of it has been more superficial even than I expected. Occupied at the Office in Accounts and in reading a part of the Debates in the Convention of the State of New York on the adoption of the Constitution.1 159Went to the Athenaeum and made several little calls which consumed a large part of the Morning. On the whole, I begin to feel again the content which my quiet way of life here gives me.

Afternoon at home. Continued the fifteenth book of the Letters to Atticus, but my progress was slow, and the text grows more obscure as I go on, it seems to me. Read Bacon’s Essay, Of Vainglory and in the evening, tried to sketch off a little political Article for the Press. But I did not succeed in my effort. Finished by the Spectator as usual.


The proceedings of the New York ratifying convention of 1788 were included in vol. 2 of Jonathan Elliot, ed., The Debates, Resolutions, and Other Proceedings, in Convention, on the Adoption of the Federal Constitution ..., 4 vols., Washington, 1827–1830. CFA was reading in a copy borrowed from the Boston Athenaeum.