Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Thursday 20th.

Saturday. 22d.

Friday. 21st. CFA


Friday. 21st. CFA
Friday. 21st.

Morning pleasant although rather cooler than it has been. Finished the second Olynthiac of Demosthenes before going to the Office. Find it easier than the last. When at the Office was engaged in writing but as usual my productions did not satisfy me. All my late efforts come to nothing. This is mortifying and discouraging. I went to the Athenaeum and from thence home. Afternoon finished the fifteenth book of Letters to Atticus. It is lucky they are drawing to a close or my patience would hardly hold out the difficulty of extracting any sense from them.1

In the evening, Read to my Wife the beginning of the History of George 4th which will I hope do much to fill a void in my information and yet be entertaining enough to read aloud.2 Afterwards I read some Chapters of Miss Edgeworth’s book on Practical Education which deserve serious consideration.3 On the whole, this day was passed more to my satisfaction than usual. Read Bacon’s Essay upon Anger and two numbers of the Spectator.


Sentence thus in MS. Doubtless “against” was intended after “hold out.”


Newly published in Lardner’s Cabinet Library was William Wallace, History of the Life and Reign of George IV, 3 vols., London, 1831.


CFA’s bookplate is in the edition, earlier GWA’s, at MQA of The Works of Maria Edgeworth, 13 vols., Boston, 1824–1826. Practical Education, separately published, 2 vols., Boston, 1815, is also at MQA, with JQA’s bookplate.