Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Sunday. 23d.

Tuesday. 25th.

Monday. 24th. CFA


Monday. 24th. CFA
Monday. 24th.

Morning fair, but it afterwards clouded up and rained very heavily in the Afternoon. After reading nearly all the rest of the third Olynthiac, I went to the Office and occupied myself in writing but to little purpose. My Articles did not suit me and what is more I doubted the expediency of my writing any at all. But that must be judged of at the end. I must confess every day adds to my conviction that I can not write now with so much ease as I could have done a year ago.

Returned home early. Found my Mother who had come in again. I forgot to mention that I called upon Mr. Brooks and he entered into conversation upon his prospects for the Winter. I gave him an invita-163tion to pass it with us, and he seemed pleased with the idea. He spoke with a good deal of feeling of his situation, and made me sympathize with him a great deal.1

After dinner I was compelled to attend a Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Boylston Market Association on the usual business of a month, though the day had been set forward to accommodate the Clerk of the Market.

Returned in the rain and got myself quite wet. My Mother concluded not to leave town tonight.

Evening, I went out to a party at Mrs. Wm. Smith’s given to the bride of her Son.2 The rain had disappointed her of much of her company but there were still many. It cleared when I went home. Read a little of Miss Edgeworth, and the Spectator.


On the course taken by Peter C. Brooks in deciding upon a winter residence, see below, entry for 25 November.


See above, entry for 4 May.