Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Friday. 28th.

Sunday. 30th.

Saturday. 29th. CFA


Saturday. 29th. CFA
Saturday. 29th.

Morning fine. This being the day of departure for my father and his family,1 it is rather an agreeable circumstance that it should be fair. After reading a part of the first Philippic of Demosthenes, I went to the Office and spent my time in reading the New York Debates. Received a Note from my Father which gave me two or three Commissions to perform.2 Mr. Peabody asked me also to accompany him to a sale of Dutch Flower roots, which I did and purchased several 166according to my Mother’s request for her. They went pretty dear. My time was thus all consumed and partly in matters which really did not pay their way.

Returning home I passed my Afternoon in reading the Letters to Quintus, most of which are excellent. He moans too much about his exile however. Continued Mackintosh’s History of England which seems to me to be bald, Cicero’s Attic Style with a vengeance. The driest of dry things. Finished Practical Education, parts of which I propose to myself to read over for deeper reflection. The subject has been often written upon, and like that of Government has been in the hands of Theorists, most frequently. It appears to me that this book comes nearer the true principle by which to reach what we want, than any. It collects examples of the operation of things upon Children. In this science as in others induction will be used to advantage. And yet how little has been done in this way. Finished the Evening with the Spectator.


An error; see above, entry for 25 Oct., note.


JQA to CFA, 27–28 Oct. (Adams Papers).