Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Monday. 31st.

Wednesday. 2d.

Tuesday. November 1st. CFA


Tuesday. November 1st. CFA
Tuesday. November 1st.

Morning cloudy but it did not rain. Having finished my Review of the first Philippic I began today for the second time the Oration upon 168the Embassy of Aeschines. This is very long but I hope gradually yet slowly to work it off. At the Office where I have no better account to give of my time than usual. Much of it goes in conversation with Mr. Peabody which I ought to stop. It worries him and does not profit me. Took a short walk and then home.

Afternoon, finished the letters to Quintus, and read the larger part of those to Brutus and from him. In these I think Cicero appears badly by the side of the nobility of soul which prompted his Companion to do right in spite of all consequences. I admire this lofty character. It may not be well suited to success in life, but it is the most splendid eulogy after it.

Read to my Wife in the Evening part of the reign of George 4th. which is a curious mass of political prejudice and disgusting truth. Afterwards, I attended a Party given to the Bride Mrs. Smith by Mrs. S. A. Otis. A large Collection of persons many of fashion and it was altogether fine though I have been so long out of society as to make it flat to me. Returned early. Read a little of Condillac upon point in style, and the Spectator as usual.