Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Wednesday. 2d.

Friday. 4th.

Thursday. 3d. CFA


Thursday. 3d. CFA
Thursday. 3d.

Arose early as this was the day fixed for the sale of Wood at Auction in Weston and as I have always made a practice to attend it. Im-169mediately after my breakfast was despatched, I started. Called at Richardson’s, and found he had mistaken the day so that I was sorry he had engaged himself but was obliged to proceed without him. Arrived in very good Season and went to the ground.

The Company in the morning was thin but increased at Noon. The first Wood sold went low, and for the sake of the experiment I bought a lot on my own Account to see how the wood would turn out, and judge pretty clearly of the profits of the purchasers in these cases. I had it struck off to me at 6.62 1/2 and after it is measured the price by the Cord will appear. After noon, the prices ranged very high and on the whole the wood may be considered as having sold well. I stopped in time to prevent a glut and after taking tea at the Conants returned home. It was dark and late however before I arrived. This is the third year I have conducted these sales and I hope they have been managed with success to my Employer. Each year, the wood has been said to sell high, but on this, the advanced price in the Market has done much more than usual.1

Short evening as I retired early. Spectator.


See above, vol. 3:20. The 1831 sale netted $762.90 (M/CFA/3).