Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Friday. 18th.

Sunday. 20th.

Saturday. 19th. CFA


Saturday. 19th. CFA
Saturday. 19th.

Morning fine after a rainy night. I went to the Office as usual: thence to obtain the Engravings purchased yesterday. I sent them home and paid for them. Then returned to the Office and was busy in writing my Journal. Deacon Spear called from Quincy and made a settlement about wood. He paid me a considerable sum and gave his Note for the rest. This with two others payable on the first of May will make seven hundred dollars and there will be about enough due from Weston to make up a thousand, so that Wood is not an unprofitable business. If my father had not embarrassed himself with this miserable flour business concern, this would have been a productive year to his private fortune.

Went to the Athenaeum for a book or two upon the fine arts and took a short walk. Afternoon, occupied in reading the rest of the 181fourth book de Finibus which is a pretty satisfactory reply to the Stoics.

Evening quiet with my Wife. Read part of the Life of George 4th which as it comes down is more exclusively political than ever, and if possible still more prejudiced. Afterwards, read the Lectures of Sir Joshua in continuation and the Spectator.