Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 4

Sunday. 20th.

Tuesday. 22d.

Monday. 21st. CFA


Monday. 21st. CFA
Monday. 21st.

Morning clear and cold. I went to the Office as usual. After devoting some time to the performance of my Diary, I sat down to write to my Father. My letter was for the most part upon business matters. The question now comes upon him how he is to meet the Notes made by him in the Spring for this flour business.1 He will probably do it by sacrificing productive property. I consider him as in a pretty poor way and am not perfectly clear as to how he will come out of it. Probably his perseverance in the business will accomplish his ruin. Took a walk.

Afternoon, reading Cicero de Finibus, Book fifth, in which he undertakes to explain his own ideas upon the Subject, and he does it in a clear and lucid manner. I did not quite finish it. One can immediately see the difference in the style when he writes with relish and a conviction of the truth of his position.

Evening finished the second Volume of the Life of George 4th which brings the history down to the occupation of Paris by the Allies the first time. I have on the whole gained something by it. Afterwards. Copied part of my father’s letter and read the Spectator.


CFA to JQA, 21 Nov. (LbC, Adams Papers). Francis J. Oliver, the president of the American Insurance Office, had notified CFA that JQA’s note could be renewed only at a substantially higher interest rate because of the demand for money.